Comfort for Mommy and Her Little Patient

This care package offers comfort to both the little patient with cancer and his or her special caregiver – Mommy!

For the little patient, we’ve included:

  • Whoopsies to the rescue!, hot and cold therapy to keep your little patient cozy and warm after a long day of treatment (style may vary)
  • Guess How Much I Love You lotion

For mommy, you’ll give:

  • "I am Strong" inspirational socks
  • Soothing lotion and lip balm
  • A journal to inspire creativity during quiet times of the day

For both:

  • Guess How Much I Love You book
  • A large, cozy fleece blanket to snuggle with together

The package is carefully assembled in a large drawstring backpack, perfect to pack up for long days of treatment. This gift is appropriate for little patients up to 5 years old. Please select boy or girl below, and we’ll customize to the appropriate gender for the backpack and fleece blanket.