Care for Mom + Family Care Package

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Care for Mom + Family Care Package

With this care package, you can send everyone a little bit of happiness and fun!

For mom:

  • An inspirational Celebrating You book
  • Cozy “I am a great mom” socks
  • Inspirational “I am strong” socks
  • "You got this." tumbler (pictured separately)
  • Hand-poured “You Got This” candle by 5B & Co. Candlemakers
  • 'Group Hug" candle and "You're the strongest person I know." tumbler are currenlty unavailable.

For dad:

  • Mega Book of Word Search and pen
  • Cozy “I am a great dad” socks
  • Lemonheads and Jolly Ranchers for a sweet treat

Mom and dad’s gift comes packaged in a great reusable tote.

For the kiddos, packaged in an orange backpack:

  • Two coloring books and crayons
  • Playing cards
  • Candy! Dum Dums and Laffy Taffy