Men's Chemotherapy Gift Tote

Men's Chemotherapy Gift Tote

A magnificent choice for any man undergoing chemotherapy as part of his treatment. This gift is intended to comfort both the body and the soul. A personal CD player with headset will allow the patient to listen to One Quiet Night, a CD that is deeply relaxing. A unique and powerful book, Stronger than Cancer will provide inspiration. To comfort the body, lotion, Peppermint Tea, lip balm, a warm beanie and a dark blue do-rag are included. A container of flavorful Queasy Drops for nausea relief will be a welcome treat. For relaxation, a deck of playing cards will help relieve the stress of the day. Package it all together in the large two-tone neutral colored tote to complete this remarkable gift for chemo patients.


Basket Items

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Canvas ToteCanvas Tote
This tote serves as the 'basket' for this gift. All items are packaged inside the tote, then tied with a bow in the color of your choice. We add your personal message on the gift card that is attached to the outside of the tote. This large dual-tone canvas tote with 3 outer pockets has an attractive stitching accent. Large main compartment with snap closure. A perfect carryall! Colors may vary. 
CD Player with HeadphonesCD Player with Headphones
Personal CD player with professional stereo headphones. Slim compact design. Includes 2 AA batteries.
Men's BeanieMen's Beanie
A warm and comfortable beanie. Colors vary.
Men's HeadwrapMen's Headwrap
These do-rag style head wraps are specially designed for full head coverage, comfort and style. They are made of soft cotton. Styles and colors vary. 
One Quiet Night CD - EnhancedOne Quiet Night CD - Enhanced
This wonderful CD is a soothing Rx for relaxation and rejuvenation. Each song was specifically selected by world renowned stress management expert, Brian Luke Seaward, Ph.D. Additionally, this enhanced CD contains a 4-minute nature video of beautiful images set to the music.
Peppermint TeaPeppermint Tea
Yogi Tea Healing Formula - Peppermint tea can help ease nausea and settle an upset tummy.
Playing CardsPlaying Cards
Great for playing a game of solitaire or your favorite game with a friend.
Queasy DropsQueasy Drops
The natural way to ease a queasy stomach! 4 delicious flavors made from all-natural ingredients. Drug-free and recommended by healthcare professionals to help ease nausea from treatments.
Sports BottleSports Bottle
Sports bottles come in so handy. Take to treatments or use for a short walk. Colors and styles may vary.
This all-natural lip balm will soothe and soften dry lips due to treatment side effects. Hand-blended with pure high-quality ingredients including vitamin E, beeswax, virgin olive oil and organic soybean oil. SPF 30. Unscented.
Stronger Than CancerStronger Than Cancer
Treasured insights from the hearts and homes of families fighting cancer. This book is filled with wisdom and advice that is unique, heartwarming, practical and powerful. Written by Connie Payton, wife of the late Walter Payton, legendary Chicago Bears running back.