Cancer Gift Baskets

Gifts Baskets for Cancer Patients

Our exceptional gift baskets, designed especially for cancer patients, include something for everyone. Specialty chemotherapy gifts, novel, humorous gifts for men, great backpacks for children, and comforting breast cancer gifts, all offer something unique for that special person in your life. Our goal is to provide as much comfort and encouragement as possible.

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Soothing the Soul Gift Basket


Chicken Soup for the Soul - The Cancer Book - 101 Stories of Courage, Support & Love  is a heartfelt and empowering book with positive messages for cancer patients  The Seasons DVD is a relaxing and unique video using nature to encourage stress reduction and improve wellbeing. The easy to make Chicken Soup, in our soup mug, will warm and satisfy.  For comfort, we've added lip balm, body lotion and our men's or women's super soft socks.  The window cards lift the spirit and our Calming Tea can ease tension and anxiety.  This wonderful gift basket makes an outstanding gift for someone with cancer.

Women's Nurture a Fighting Spirit Gift Basket


This basket is an inspiring gift choice for any woman who has cancer. Cancer Has its Privileges, Stories of Hope and Laughter, provides encouragement and comic relief to a not so funny subject. The Healing CD features uplifting music, melting away stress. The HOPE window cards give daily encouragement, and the Garden in a Bag is a unique way to give a living reminder of hope. Lip balm, lotion, amazingly soft hydrating socks, and Peppermint and Calming Teas all offer comfort and promote relaxation. The marbles and glass bowl represent hopes for the day and the special gifts that life has to offer. Also included in this basket is a mini jar soy candle, notepad & pen, and an encouraging bookmark.

Humor Heals Gift Tote - Woman's


Just what the doctor ordered! This funny cancer gift idea is packaged in a stylish small black tote. Attached is a removable tag with the encouraging words STRENGTH - HOPE - COURAGE. Laughter is the best medicine and Christine Clifford’s Not now…I’m having a No Hair Day hits the mark. This book is a wonderfully illustrated light-hearted look at a serious disease. A hat proclaiming that Cancer Sucks says it all! A squishy stress ball and fun notepad and pen provide a humorous break. A package of flavorful Queasy Pops is included for nausea relief. Topped off with a lip balm, a great Laugh Mug, cocoa and gourmet cookies, this humorous cancer gift is sure to please.

Humor Heals Gift Basket


Just what the doctor ordered!  Reader's Digest Laughter is the best Medicine - Laugh-Out-Loud collection is a great uplifting gift for a cancer patient. A hat proclaiming that Cancer Sucks says it all! A great 'chalk it' mug, squishy stress ball, and funny bookmark provide a humorous break. A package of flavorful Queasy Pops is included for nausea relief.  Packaged in a great metal bucket and topped off with a notepad and pen, cocoa, gourmet cookies, and lip balm makes this funny cancer gift perfect for any cancer patient.  

Men's Nurture a Fighting Spirit Gift Basket


This get well gift basket for men, packaged in a great reuseable "faux" leather tray, will help encourage a fighting spirit, from diagnosis through treatment and beyond. Cancer - 50 Essential Things To Do is an action-oriented book filled with practical information, wisdom and hope. The Seasons DVD provides a much needed relaxation break.  The Green Tea mints and the Super Antioxidant Green Tea aid the immune system. The lip balm will moisten dry lips and the wonderful bar soap and lotion will soothe dry skin. The Chinese health balls help relieve stress and are just plain fun.  Encouraging window cards, and an inspirational notebook and pen round out this thoughtful healing cancer gift.

Women's Chemotherapy Gift Tote


A magnificent choice for any woman undergoing chemotherapy as part of her treatment. This chemo care package is meant to comfort, so we start with an amazingly soft plush fleece throw, a pair of wonderful hydrating socks and a warm beanie. A nice selection of unscented skin care products are included ~ lotion, soap, and lip balm.  For nausea relief, Peppermint tea and a container of flavorful Queasy Drops will be welcome treats. Two books written specifically for cancer patients, There's No Place Like Hope, and Hope - The Good Life will provide inspiration and help. Add a unique foldable water bottle, a headwrap, a wonderful CD and package it all together in a lovely black & cream tote bag to complete this remarkable gift for chemotherapy patients.  Fleece throw available in four colors.

Men's Chemo Comfort and Care Package


A magnificent choice for any man undergoing chemotherapy as part of his treatment. This chemotherapy gift is meant to comfort, so we start with an amazingly soft plush fleece throw, a pair of thick soft socks and a warm beanie. A great selection of unscented skin care products are included ~ lotion, soap, and lip balm.  For nausea relief, Peppermint tea and a container of flavorful Queasy Drops will be welcome treats. The Chemotherapy Survival Guide (not shown yet) will provide valuable information needed to get through treatment. Add an aluminum water bottle, a deck of playing cards, hand sanitizer spray and package it all together in a large black duffel bag to complete this remarkable gift for chemo patients.

Comfort for Breast Cancer Gift Basket


A gift of comfort for breast cancer patients is just right for any woman diagnosed with breast cancer.  This gift basket is filled with encouragement and comfort to help overcome a disease that so many women face. The author of There’s No Place Like Hope states that “cancer is a beatable, treatable, survivable disease” – and her powerful words have inspired many patients to fight and win. The Seasons DVD offers the healing power of nature through this stunning video.  Peppermint Tea and Queasy Drops will help ease nausea and promote relaxation. The cold or hot therapy of the healing comfort body pack, made of organic flax seed, is perfect comfort for after surgery or anytime. Great soft socks, lotion, lip balm, a candle, and butter mints are just a few more items to complete this thoughtful gift for breast cancer patients.

Faith Gift Basket


Comfort through Faith! This unique basket is the perfect gift for a Christian woman. Praying through Cancer ~ Set Your Heart Free from Fear is a 90 day devotional for women.  A beaded cross bookmark is the perfect complement. The My Peace I Give You- Hymns for Healing and Hope CD will help relax the body and renew the spirit. Elf-Help for Coping with Cancer is illustrated with engaging figures and offers messages of joy, serenity and of God's love. The 30 window cards give daily encouragement and Calming tea will help with frazzled nerves. Lotion, lip balm and hydrating socks provide comfort for the body. Also included is an inspirational mug and magnet. This is a great Christian gift for cancer patients.

Evening Relaxation Breast Cancer Gift Tote


This evening relaxation breast cancer gift tote is original, fun, practical and cute too. Start relaxing by listening to the One Quiet Night CD. A comfortable night shirt adorned with a beautiful awareness symbol, a soft pair of socks, body lotion, facial moisturizer, lip balm and buttermints offer comfort for the body. A warm cup of peppermint tea will help ease tension. Package it all in a great little pink and brown tote with a removable tag with the encouraging words STRENGTH - HOPE - COURAGE and you have a great relaxation gift for breast cancer patients.

Hope and Courage Gift Basket


Hope: to cherish a desire with anticipation. Courage: strength to persevere and withstand difficulty. The items in this cancer gift basket were chosen to encourage those qualities. There's No Place Like HOPE is a book filled with help, hope and inspiration. The attractive hardcover journals ~ Be Awesome Today for women and COURAGE for men ~ have plenty of room to record thoughts and wishes with our great Courage pen.  A variety of teas chosen to ease nausea, calm nerves and relieve anxiety can be enjoyed in our wonderful Courage Mug. Add our gourmet cookies for a relaxing break. The all-natural Strength lip balm will soothe dry lips, the window cards offer daily encouragement and the inspiration stone reinforces hope with a positive message.

Black & Bling Breast Cancer Gift Tote


Dare to be different!  Combine fun, fashion and function with a bunch of black, a bit of bling, and a pinch of pink.  Start with a beautiful black canvas tote, add a black cosmetics case, a compact mirror, and a black hat or head wrap - each dressed up with bling - and you have a truly unique and original breast cancer gift. The silver bangle bracelet is stylish, beautiful and different. Now for the more practical items - hand cream, lip balm, Queasy pops and green tea mints are each designed to offer her comfort. A stylish gift for a breast cancer patient.

Deluxe Breast Cancer Basket in a Bag


This elegant tapestry tote bag is filled with an array of stylish, unique gifts perfect for the busy breast cancer patient on the go. The beautiful sterling silver and Swarovski Crystal bracelet was custom designed especially for her. A cosmetic bag and beautiful compact mirror are the perfect accessories. Chicken Soup for the Breast Cancer Survivor's Soul contains stories to inspire, support and heal. HOPE window cards will give daily encouragement and the Be Awesome Today Journal is the ideal place to wish and dream.  To comfort her skin, we offer soft chenille socks, lotion, and lip balm.  Green tea mints will help with dry mouth. To top it off, we add a pretty pink head wrap and your choice of a beautiful pink or black awareness hat (see photo below).

Strength and Courage Gift Box


This care package is a great gift choice for either a cancer patient or a caregiver. It offers encouragement and provides comfort  - for a friend, co-worker or loved one.  Packaged in a great "faux" leather box, it includes a fantastic contemporary mug featuring the word Courage. The super-antioxidant green tea and gourmet cookies make a great midday or evening snack.  Be Strong offers compassionate, uplifting messages. Topped off with the strength lip balm and Courage stone and you have an ideal gift for someone with cancer or a great caregiver gift.

Cope and Courage for Couples Gift Basket


The ultimate gift for couples battling cancer. Cancer For Two is an inspiring true story with practical tips for learning to cope with the disease and each other. Honest, informative and with a touch of humor, this book is filled with hope, encouragement and facts. The Healing CD is the perfect choice to relax both patient and partner. A variety of teas or cocoa can be shared with some gourmet cookies while enjoying a game of cards together. Unscented goat milk lotion and soap will help to soothe dry skin, the all-natural lip balm will moisten dry lips and the sugar-free Green Tea mints will assist with dry mouth during treatment. An inspiration stone and window cards offer daily inspiration. Both partner and patient will benefit from this special gift for cancer patients. 

Couples Surviving Breast Cancer Gift Basket


This gift was specifically created to assist couples dealing with the challenges of breast cancer. For her, HOPE celebrates her strength and encourages the will to fight. For him, Breast Cancer Husband offers a "survival guide" of resources, solutions and support. For both, the stunning SEASONS  DVD, a relaxation experience using nature to promote wellbeing, perfect for spending a few quiet moments together. And to ease tension, the Healing Comfort Body Pack allows for either hot or cold therapy, whichever is needed. And just for her, Queasy Pops for nausea relief, a great head wrap and cozy hydrating socks. Add soothing lotion, bar soap, lip balm, peppermint tea and an inspiration stone and you have the perfect breast cancer gift and caregiver gift in one. (Cup of Comfort book shown no longer available)

Comfort for Baby and Mom Too! Gift Basket


This combination gift basket offers comfort to both the young child with cancer and their special caregiver - Mom. For baby, Baby Blue, an adorable, soft cancer awareness teddy bear, Guess How Much I Love You lotion, a beanie, soft socks, a fleece blanket and Mommies Kisses, a pain relieving gel pack. For mom, soft hydrating socks, vanilla bean lotion and lip balm, and Calming stress relief tea for relaxation. They will both enjoy mom reading the Guess How Much I Love You book, and listening to the soothing One Quiet Night CD.  A perfect child's cancer gift and caregiver gift in one!  Appropriate for babies up to 2 yrs. old.

Monkey Fun Gift Bag - Ages 2 - 6


What better way to encourage and comfort a child than with a bag full of goodies. Designed to offer comfort, understanding and LOTS of fun, this child's cancer gift is uniquely packaged in a great drawstring backpack. It includes a wonderful book, I Love Monkey, a plush monkey reading companion, a coloring/activity book, and jumbo crayons. For comfort, a box of Queasy Pop lollipops for nausea relief, Mommy's Kisses - a cute animal shaped hot/cold pack for boo-boos, and a beanie.  This cancer gift for kids is appropriate for both girls and boys ages 2 to 6. (The Courageous Kid booklet shown is no longer available.)

Encouragement Gift Basket - Girls 4-8


A truly unique gift for a child with cancer, our Encouragement gift basket offers understanding and comfort to little girls struggling with the effects of cancer and its related treatments.  It includes the wonderful book, Kathy's Hats A Story of Hope, written by the mother of a 9 year old with cancer. A pink baseball cap, a cute beanie, and an angel/cancer symbol pin all tie in to the book. A box of Queasy Pop lollipops for nausea relief and super-soft socks offer comfort. Mommy's Kisses - a fun animal shaped hot/cold pack, gives relief to boo-boos. She will love both Grace, an adorable awareness teddy bear, and a squeeze ball - with hair! This gift for kids with cancer is appropriate for girls ages 4 - 8.

Comfort and Care for Girls 8-12 Gift Bag


What better way to encourage and comfort a child than with a bag full of goodies. Designed to offer comfort, understanding and LOTS of fun, this child's cancer gift is uniquely packaged in a great drawstring backpack. An adorable heatable/freezeable bear is a perfect companion.  My Life According To Me is a great sketchbook and journal, with unique activities and is just right for jotting down thoughts & feelings. A box of Queasy Pop lollipops will help reduce nausea, and the cocoa is a nice warm treat. To round out this kid's cancer gift we have added a beanie, lip balm, an inspiration stone, an encouragement wristband, and a fun squeeze ball - with hair!  Appropriate for girls ages 8 to 12. (The Courageous Kid booklet shown is no longer available).

Nurture the Caregiver's Soul Gift Basket


Caregiver: Ordinary people performing extraordinary service. This caregiver gift basket features Chicken Soup for the Caregiver’s Soul and the One Quiet Night CD. They will help the caregiver take a rest from responsibilities and help bring renewed hope and strength. The easy-to-make chicken soup, served in a soup mug, will warm and nourish the body. Lift the spirit with the 30 THANKS window cards; one for every day of the month, each with thoughts of gratitude.  Vanilla bean lotion and all-natural lip balm will help to soothe, and the Chamomile Tea helps relieve mild tension.  Includes notepad and pen and inspiration stone.  The perfect gift idea for caregivers.

Road to Recovery Aromatherapy Gift Basket


Our aromatherapy gift basket is designed for patients recovering from surgery or for those who have completed treatment. It offers a variety of scented items designed for relaxation, with warm vanilla as the theme. Included is a large 8.5 oz. lotion, a bar soap, room spray and a great lip balm, all in a wonderful vanilla bean scent.  Elf Help for Coping with Cancer offers suggestions that will help healing. Two cute mini jar candles, each in a different fresh fruity scent, add to the comfort of this lovely gift. Packaged in an adorable, reuseable metal basket, this gift for cancer patients is truly unique!